Attendance Information

Absence Definition

Missing more than 20 minutes of any class is considered an absence.

Procedure For Handling Absense

Parents must call the school Attendance Office number 626-963-6711, prior to 9:00 a.m.

Types Of Absences

Excused Absences: An excused absence is one in which the student is absent for a legitimate reason. Only the following are considered legitimate causes for excused absences: illness of student, professional services of doctor, dentist (verification required), etc., death in the immediate family. According to state law, each student must be in school for a minimum of 180 days per year. Student is allowed to make up class work.

Unexcused Absences: An unexcused absence is one in which the student is absent without an approved reason or simply as a matter of convenience to herself or her family (trips, work, drivers license, etc.). Teachers will not be required to reteach the material and the student will be allowed to make up classwork.

Educational Absence: An educational absence is one in which the student is excused from her regular class to participate in a school sponsored activity (field trips, CCD Youth Day, etc.). Such absences are not counted.

Excessive Absences: If a student is absent for more than 15 days in any class during a semester marking period, she will not receive credit in that class.

Return After Absence

  • A student who has been absent must report to the Attendance Office before 7:50 a.m.
  • The student must have a written note signed by a parent explaining the absence. Parent’s original signature is required.
  • The student is issued an Absence Admission slip which is presented to the first period teacher.
  • Student returning without parent verification of absence will not be excused. If the absence is not cleared within 48 hours the absence will be considered a truancy.

Early Dismissal

A student who must leave school before 2:50 p.m., must obtain an Early Dismissal Slip from the attendance office before the 7:50 a.m. bell. The student must have a written note signed by a parent stating the reason and time for the early dismissal. Early dismissals are not usually granted through telephone messages.

Students may not call their parents because they want to go home. All calls are made by school personnel. No student may leave without authorization from the Attendance Clerk.

When leaving, the student presents the slip to the teacher and student signs “OUT” in the main office. The student waits for her ride in the foyer. Students returning to school must sign “IN” in the Main Office.

Tardy Policy Before“A” Block

If the student arrives on campus after 8:00 a.m., she must report to the attendance office for a Tardy Admission slip. Tardiness due to traffic will not be excused unless for a major accident. The Attendance Office reserves the right to determine whether a student is excused or unexcused in the tardiness.

Tardiness “B” Through “G” Blocks

A student is considered tardy if she is not in the classroom when the final bell rings. Students who are more than 20 minutes late to class will be given an absence for that period. If the student is detained, from the beginning of a class period, by a teacher, counselor or administrator, she must obtain a note from them and give it to her teacher.

Tardy Detention

A student who accumulates four (4) tardies warrants a ½ hour detention (8 tardies = 1 hour). Any further tardies warrant disciplinary action. In such cases, probation or suspension may be in order. Students may be asked to do light cleaning and other service tasks during their detention period.

Attendance At School Events

Any student who is absent from school (for three blocks or more) on the day of a school event (practice, game, dance, dance competition, cheer, etc.) may NOT attend or participate in the event. The student must be in school on Friday to participate in any activity on the weekend. Student exceptions are approved by the school administration. The students’ education takes priority over any social activities.

Chronic Conditions

Any long term illness or injury requires a phone call to the Assistant Principal and a doctor’s note on return to the Assistant Principal and Attendance Clerk.

Extended Absences

Any student who is going to be absent for three or more days because of family trips, vacations, or other personal reasons must notify the Assistant Principal in writing at least one week in advance. The student must inform each of her teachers of her absence at least two days before the absence begins. It is the student’s responsibility to make up any work, tests, etc.

College Visitations

Students should plan college visits when St. Lucy’s is not in session. Summers before the junior and senior year provide excellent opportunities for college visits.

NOTE: During the 3rd and 4th quarter grading period at St. Lucy’s, students may not be excused for college visits unless approved by the Administration.

Communicable Diseases

A student who is absent from school because of a reportable communicable disease must notify the school and have a physician’s release to be readmitted to school.

Attendance Awards

Awards for attendance are given at the end of the school year. No absences and not more than four (4) tardies during the school year are required for perfect attendance.

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