Technology Program Milestones (Year by Year)


Technology Program Milestones (Year by Year)

In 2015, Geoff Walcha came to St. Lucy’s Priory High School as Director of Information Technology and we began a 5-year technology overhaul plan. Our goal is to make technology an integral and seamless part of our students’ education to enhance and improve their learning experience. We aim to be one of the leading technology integrated schools in the nation by the start of the 2020 school year.

2015-2016 School Year

  • Implemented Google Apps for Education for all faculty and staff
  • New email system upgraded to Google for Education
  • Analysis of current wireless network infrastructure
  • Inventory of current campus technology
  • Planning and development of new wireless network infrastructure
  • Began Phase One of Technology Program Improvements
  • New optical, cat6 wiring and switches to stabilize network
  • New wireless access points in every classroom for a solid network backbone
  • These 40 new access points increased network coverage by over 200% and created solid, consistent campus-wide wireless coverage in and outside of the classrooms
  • Installed a state of the art internet firewall to protect students and faculty from malicious content internet threats
  • Increased the internet bandwidth by 300% to 300 mbps down.
  • Created a new dedicated Server Room for our IT Hub
  • Ran fundraising program to raise donations for our Network Upgrade
  • Researched other school’s 1:1 programs
  • Researched and evaluated devices for 1:1 program
  • Decided on iPads flexibility, security, weight, control, virus-free, thousands of apps
  • Planning and Development of our Faculty and Student Apple 1:1 Program
  • Raiser’s Edge management system for our fundraising

2016-2017 School Year

  • Reached out to parents, alumni and foundations for funding program
  • Apple 1:1 iPad program for faculty
  • Purchased iPads for all faculty
  • Apple presentation to faculty
  • Distribution of iPad
  • Faculty training in house on iPad basics and apps
  • Faculty training on Google Classroom, Apple Classroom & Notability
  • Technology Planning Committee sets goals for next 5 years
  • Announced iPad 1:1 program to parents beginning in 2018 school year
  • Apple TV’s in all classrooms for iPad wireless projection
  • JAMF, a Mobile Device Management (MDM) Program implemented to manage all iPads
  • iPads with Apple TVs integrated into classroom teaching
  • Upgraded memory on existing school computers
  • Planning Student Tech Team to help with iPad troubleshooting, training and maintenance
  • Purchased 20 computer headsets for computer lab interactive language courses
  • Researched and assessed apps for technology program
  • Researched best iPad tools for teachers and students
  • Working hand in hand with Apple to develop 1:1 program roadmap
  • Attended conferences and workshops on Apple Classroom, Google Classroom and JAMF
  • Continuing outreach to other successful 1:1 program leaders refining our 1:1 plan
  • Several School walk throughs with EdTech leaders at other campuses to see how successful programs are being run
  • Continuing iPad training for faculty
  • e-textbooks chosen for use in 2017 school year
  • Apple Presentation to parents
  • Wrote Acceptable Use Policy
  • Choose main apps and tools for faculty and students.
  • Decided on tech fee for iPad, software, apps, infrastructure, device management system & IT Support
  • Objectives and measurable goals created for technology in the classroom program
  • Tech tasks assigned and completed by teachers to ensure competence in basic skills
  • iPad Skills List developed for staff
  • Created extensive technology section for St. Lucy’s website.
  • Technology Pages added to website
  • 200 mbps up/down internet (ISP) installed to increase network speed, bandwidth and stability and to provide a second line redundancy in case of first line outage.
  • Second dedicated 1 GB optical line (independant internet connection) installed to increase network speed, bandwidth and stability.


Updated by Geoff Walcha 3-14-17

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