Setting Up Your iPad


Setting up your St. Lucy’s Priory High School iPad 
for the first time

Before you begin setting up your iPad, you will need:

Wi-Fi access
Apple ID
A six digit passcode of your choosing
An iTunes gift card or credit card

Setting Up Your iPad (video tutorial)

Turn it On
When you turn your iPad on at home you will be prompted to enter your Language & Country

Connect to Wi-Fi & Enable Location

  1. Select your HOME wireless internet network and enter the password.
  2. When you arrive at school, the Wi-Fi will automatically connect with your iPad. *a pop-up may show up, if so press CANCEL.
  3. Enable Location Services.
  4. Select Setup as New iPad. Press the Next button (located the top right corner). JAMF, a mobile device management system, will begin setting up  your device automatically. When the JAMF set-up screen appears, please A profile should load and JAMF will begin to push the St. Lucy’s Priory High School core apps to your device.

Setting up your Apple ID
You may use your existing Apple ID if you have one. If not, you will need to set one up. Apple’s instructions are here.
If you are setting up an Apple ID for the first time DO NOT use your school email address. Instead, create an ‘’ address. To create an Apple ID on the iPad select Don’t have an Apple ID or forgot it? > Create a Free Apple ID. Birthday. First Name last Name. Get a free iCloud address. Select an email address. Turn off Apple News & Announcements by moving  green slider left to grey. Enter three security questions and answers (write these down before entering them). Agree to the terms and conditions.

Six Digit Passcode
You will need to create and enter a six digit passcode to lock your device. Make it hard to guess but easy for you to remember. Enter it twice. Use this passcode to unlock your device when you turn it on.

*Name your iPad* IMPERATIVE!
You must use your first and last name when naming the iPad.
Go to Settings > General > About > Name – click on this and rename it.
You MUST name your iPad specifically first and last name, like so: “Janet Johnson’s Pad”.
School policy dictates you MUST keep your iPad named in this manner at all times.

Log into and check your iCloud settings
Go to Settings > Your Name > iCloud. Login with your Apple ID. By default the everything will be turned on. You are required to keep both Backup and Find My iPad ON. Other items are optional.

You must upgrade your iCloud storage to 50GB for $1 a month. 5 GB is inadequate for school needs. This will ensure you have plenty of space to backup your device. Go to Storage > iCloud > Buy More Storage > 50GB > Buy > Enter Apple ID Password > Click Continue to Verify. You are required to enter a credit card or an iTunes gift card when setting up or when making your first purchase on iTunes/App Store.

Log into your email
Do not log into any personal email account on your iPad. This includes Mail, any Google app, Safari or other web browser on your iPad.

Go to Settings > Mail > Accounts > Add Account > Google. Log in with your school email and password. You will need to enter a new password the first time you sign in to your St. Lucy’s email. Please follow the steps for creating a strong password here. Leave only mail and calendars turned on. Save.

Log into Google Drive
Open the Google Drive app > Sign In. Log in with your SCHOOL ( email and password.

Check your Notability backup is turned on
Open Notability app. Go to the settings in the app, gear bottom left. Select iCloud and turn it ON.

Check your Notability notes are also going to Google Drive
Go to Notability settings in the app (gear bottom left). Select Auto-backup > Google Drive > Choose Your St. Lucy’s Email > Allow > OK.

Find St. Lucy’s Priory High School suggested apps
Go to Self Service App. Launch the app. It may take up to several minutes to register. You can now explore and download the apps of your choice. They are all free.

Install apps not in Self Service
Go to the App Store on your iPad and install any additional apps you need.

Purchase your eTextbooks
Most eBooks are available through Apple iBooks, or the Kindle app. If your course materials are not available on these platforms, please contact your teacher for the best vendor or resource for accessing your classroom materials.

OPTIONAL: Setup your Touch ID
Go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode and Turn Passcode ON. Place the thumb or finger that you use most frequently against the Home Button. Do not depress the Home Button: rest the finger against the Home Button with pushing it. Lift and repeat. Apple Setup Touch ID.

If you have any questions about this process please contact or come see us at the Help Desk in Room 23.

Revised  July 25, 2017 with Tech Team

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