General Information

General Information

Transportation Forms

All parents are required to complete a transportation form indicating the mode of transportation their daughter will use to go to and from school. All student drivers must complete a Transportation Form and a Parking Permit.

Student Drivers and Student Carpools

Driving on school grounds is a privilege not a right; if students fail to comply with driving and parking regulations, they forfeit their privilege of driving on campus. Licensed and insured student drivers are permitted to drive their own cars. All student drivers must have a Parking Permit on file in the Main Office. The school does not assume responsibility for vehicles parked on the campus. Student drivers exit the campus and turn right on to Sierra Madre.

Student Parking

All student drivers who park on campus must have a Parking Permit, in addition to a Transportation Form. Oncampus parking is a privilege and students are expected to obey all regulations or a Parking Permit may be denied. Seniors park in the lower level lot. All other students park in the top lot above the gym. A.S.B. officers and athletes in season may park on third level with a special permit.

Drop Off and Pick Up for Students

Students need to be dropped off and picked up in the East parking lot. Students may not be left off or picked up in any other lots or driveways. All cars exit the main gate and turn right onto Sierra Madre Avenue. Students should not wait on Sierra Madre and they must never "jaywalk" across Sierra Madre in order to be picked up.

All students waiting to be picked up must wait in the grassy area by the east lot. Students must be picked up no later than forty-five minutes after dismissal. See School Policy section for Campus Hours on page 11.

Regulations For All Drivers On School Property

  1. All drivers are to obey all traffic laws

  2. The speed limit is 10 miles per hour.

  3. Automobiles must be parked in regulation spaces.

  4. Students may not ride on the outside of any moving vehicle.

  5. Students may not hang out of windows, sit in a window, or ride in the back of a truck.

  6. All drivers must have proof of insurance.

  7. Students may not use cell phones while driving on campus.

  8. Students may not decorate or deface their car or any other cars on campus.

Parent Parking

If parents come to school during school hours, they must park in the east visitors lot.

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