Community of Faith

Community of Faith

Community of Faith – May 2018

Reflection on the 2017-2018 School Year

Senior Class Kairos
The senior class was enthusiastic to partake in Kairos retreats that were offered this year. Our students attend Kairos and experience a “life changing retreat.” This is a time-honored practice at St. Lucy’s.

Junior, Sophomore, and Freshman Class Retreats
The class retreats are designed to have a day of reflecting, relaxing, reconnecting and sisterhood bonding. Each retreat has a theme that enables our students to share deeply and reconcile to God and each other. The retreats are planned and administered by peer leaders, who lead open discussions and prayerfully support each other.

Benedictine Leaders
St. Lucy’s High School Student Benedictine leaders are people who live the Benedictine values of our school and sincerely strive to become that spiritual person described in the ESLR’s. Benedictine leaders are also enthusiastic, organized, helpful, and empathetic and are willing to be part of the school’s retreat planning teams or other projects. They are helpful in deepening a true sisterhood among classmates. Students have attended a national conference on Benedictine Leadership offered by North American Benedictine High Schools.

Benedictine Families
In addition to our Big Sister, Little Sister mentor program we also have established Benedictine Families. The families consist of at least one senior, one junior, one sophomore and one freshman. It gives our school a deeper feeling of community and a new level of mentoring. Benedictine Families come together throughout the year to celebrate and share their sisterhood.

Junior Class Ring Ceremony
Among the traditions at St. Lucy’s is the privilege of wearing the St. Lucy’s school ring. The ring is a symbol of achievement and leadership within the school community. The Junior Class received their rings at a special Mass honoring them. Junior class members were called upon to lector, cantor, and minister the Eucharist during the mass celebration. The students received their class rings and a prayer card of our patron saint, St. Lucy. It was a day to honor our school traditions.

Sophomore Medal Ceremony
Another tradition at St. Lucy’s is the privilege of wearing the St. Lucy’s medal. The medal is a symbol of achievement and unity within the school community that is presented to the sophomore class. We celebrate mass on the feast of St. Lucy when the medals are presented. This is one of our most sacred traditions, making us unique.

Freshman Benedictine Medal Ceremony
A new tradition at St. Lucy’s is the receiving of a St. Benedict medal and bookmark explaining the symbols and words of the medal. The medal is a symbol of the Rule, peace and community living within the school community that is presented to the freshman class. Freshmen receive this keepsake at the first school mass of the new school year.

Field Trips
The Sophomore and Juniors classes experience field trips that enhance their theology curriculum. Sophomores tour the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles and take part in the daily mass that is offered. The Sophomore field trip is taken during their study on the Church. Juniors experience a day at the Museum of Tolerance. This “eye-opening” field trip compliments their study on Social Justice and Morality, including the teachings of human dignity and just war.

On Campus Activities
New this year is an annual all school Lenten Prayer Service. We gather as community in the gym to prepare ourselves, in accordance with Church teachings for the Easter Season, with scripture, music and reflection. It is lead by a local priest and priests are available to offer individual confessions for those that are not able to participate in their parish services.

Friday morning communion services are offered in the prayer room in the main building. The religion department sponsors them and students are encouraged to attend. Students read the daily readings and prayers are offered up for the community of believers.

The Religion classes remember their faithfully departed with an altar in the Prayer Room decorated for Dia de los Muertos. The St. Lucy’s community is invited to create their own prayers to deceased loved ones.

In the classroom, students learn how to prepare and present different prayer experiences. Each religion class sets aside special time for these peer lead services. Students have the opportunity to participate in liturgical ministry by serving as Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors and Altar Servers. On-campus training is available and offered by the Religion Department.

Alumni Tiffany-Paige Hernandez Class of 2014 came back to campus and spoke to the religion classes about setting goals, establishing and maintaining morals, setting personal boundaries and self respect. Her message of chastity was welled received by our St. Lucy community.

Religion classes also sponsor different class projects which benefit our local communities such as collections for the homeless (food, hygiene products, warm clothes and blankets) Prom dresses for those who would normally go without and towels and soap for a women’s shelter, along with supporting our fellow Benedictine Universities and High Schools in Puerto Rico.

Christian Service Hours
Students (and families) are encouraged to donate their time and talents in Christian Service. This can be done in their parishes or another nonprofit organizations. Each class has a required number of hours to complete for the school year.

Moms in Prayer
Moms in Prayer meet every Friday morning at 8:00 a.m. in the Priory Chapel. Everyone is welcome, whether a seasoned prayer warrior or a contemplative prayer presence. It is an exciting adventure and an hour well spent in seeing the Lord’s power activate in your daughter’s life and future.

Community Prayer
Prayer requests are welcomed from all members of the school community for a particular individual, family or general intention. Visit the school’s Community Prayer page today.

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