Student publications are important elements of the instructional program and contribute directly to the school’s goals. The school and the school administration have the legal responsibility for the newspaper and the yearbook.

The Laureate is the official school newspaper and is edited by a student staff under the direction of the Journalism Adviser.

The objectives of the Laureate are:

  1. to provide students with a hands-on workshop class offering experience in writing for publication

  2. to develop skills in a variety of journalistic writing and broadcast techniques

  3. to provide opportunities to use technology in acquiring, processing and transmitting information

  4. to work collaboratively in a group to develop teamwork skills and meet deadlines

  5. to develop the skills of leadership and accountability

  6. to serve as a public relations instrument of the school

  7. to serve as a recorder of school history

  8. to promote school spirit and pride

Guidelines for publication are:

  1. Good judgment should always be used in deciding the suitability of material.

  2. All topics are treated in a way that is tactful and respectful of the rights and feelings of others, are in good taste and are constructive.

  3. No personal attacks are to be published, and material that infringes on the dignity of any individual or group is prohibited.

  4. All statements are checked by the adviser and approved before being published.

  5. No article may be in direct opposition to the school’s stated beliefs and philosophy.

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