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The purpose of the St. Lucy’s Dance Team is to perform competitively, perform during rallies, Boutique, and selected school and alumni functions; as well as introduce students to competitive dance performance. This program will create an awareness of the impact of dance on the school culture and promote school unity and spirit. This program offers opportunities for students to get involved in the Regent community.


  • To promote St. Lucy’s to the community
  • To collaborate with one another in a positive Catholic atmosphere
  • To reflect an appropriate lifestyle through dance, and showcase student talent


Competition teams will be formed according to talent level.


The following skills are permitted at the Novice level:

  • Chaine turns, single pirouettes, single piques, all jumps (including c jumps and tilt jumps), forward/front leap, leg holds, kicks, and/or kick lines.

The following skills will not be permitted at the Novice level:

  • Advanced dance technique and tricks [i.e. multiple turns (with the exception of the turns listed above), axels, leaps (with the exception of a forward/front leap) and/or leg hold turns].


In addition to the skills permitted at the Novice level, the following skills will be permitted at the Intermediate level:

  • Double pirouettes, single leg hold turn, axels, leaps (except for the leaps listed below).

Turn sequences must meet the following criteria:

  • You are permitted to do a maximum of 2 stationary turn sequences in a routine, which can be performed by one or more team members.
  • Turn sequences are limited to fouette, second turns and pirouettes only. No other skills besides these turns are permitted within a turn sequence.
  • Each turn sequence can be no longer than one eight count and turn sequences may not be performed consecutively.
  • Turn sequences must be completed with both feet on floor before executing another skill.
  • Fouette and second turns may be performed only as a part of a turn sequence (see above).

The following advanced dance technique skills will not be permitted at the Intermediate level:

  • Switch/scissor leaps, double leg hold turns or more, triple pirouettes, turn sequences that are longer than one eight count, 3 or more turn sequences in a routine.


There are no technical skill limitations for this division except for those noted in the “2011-12 Song/Pom Dance General Safety Rules for School and Youth Sports Teams.”

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