Damien Tri-School Regiment Band and Color Guard

Damien Tri-School Regiment Band and Color Guard

St. Lucy’s students are invited to participate in the Damien Spartan Regiment Color Guard. Membership is attained through tryouts and selection. Students who wish to try out for the Regiment must have a cumulative 2.2 G.P.A., a “Satisfactory” in conduct, no excessive absences or tardies, a completed parental permission form, and a physical exam. All tuition and fees must be current. Once selected, students must maintain scholastic eligibility every quarter.

All other requirements are published at the time of tryouts.

St. Lucy's Student Participants in the 2016-2017
Damien Color Guard and Regiment Band:

Band Members:
Sarah Carter
Emilee Elyasian
Gina Gaffney
Emily Inkrott
Cossette La Shier
Vanessa Lopez
Melissa Matlock
Isabel Puchalski
Sarah Soza
Megan Wong

Colorguard Members:
Melena Aguirre - Captain
Gabriella Wertz
Danica Hale
Bianca Trujillo

For more information on our program & upcoming shows, please email Mr. Matt Ray at ray@damien-hs.edu

Damien Tri-School Regiment Band & Color Guard at the LA County Fair

Damien Spartan Regiment & Colorguard team perform at the Los Angeles County Fair

Under their Music Director, Mr. Nicholas Curci, the Damien Spartan Regiment & Colorguard team performed at the Los Angeles County Fair Community Days Parade for the City of La Verne. This is an annual performance for the Regiment in which they march along the parade route with local civic officials, business leaders, volunteers & local talent. It is an opportunity for them to show case their school spirit & Spartan pride!

Congratulations to the Damien Spartan Regiment

Congratulations to the Damien Spartan Regiment who defended their title as Division 1A Champions at the Western Band Association State Finals (November 23 -24, 2013) in Fresno! They competed a second time in the combined 1A/2A/3A and came in tenth (they beat out a few 2A bands that are much larger).

View the Regiment Band's winning performance here.

St. Lucy's Senior Danielle Marrufo leads Damien Spartan Regiment to First Place!

The Damien Spartan Regiment, comprised of students from the tri-school community, took first place in Division 1A at the State Championships for the Western Band Association (WBA). They performed in Fresno during the weekend of November 16-18. St. Lucy's senior, Danielle Marrufo, was the Drum Major who directed the performance. Color Guard also took the first place trophy for auxiliary. You can check out the video on the front page of the Damien High School website. We are so proud of their accomplishment!

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