Associated Student Body

The St. Lucy’s ASB plays a major part in the relationship between the faculty and students. This energetic group of girls fosters the spirit of family and camaraderie that
St. Lucy’s students experience in their four years at our school.

The ASB spearheads a number of community service projects including The McKinley Toys for Boys Christmas Drive, The Tijuana Gifts for Girls, Breast Cancer Research Fundraiser and various other projects that help both or local and global communities. 

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Tiffany Najjar
Vice President
Jordan Lavezzari
Madison Darrow
Candice Le Franc
Secretary Of School Spirit
Teryn McDonald
Social Chairperson
Shantelle Megan Serafin

Jacqueline Helbert
Vice President
Savanna Fakhoury
Justine Reyes
Isabella Silva
Social Chairperson
Isabella Balacuit

Tatiana Sequeira
Vice President
Cierra Aparicio
Camille Ruiz
Candice Rocha
Social Chairperson
Kelsey Patton

Sophomore Class
Maya Arnouk
Vice President
Jacinta Otero
McCall Zeutzius
Catherine Martinez
Social Chairperson
Elizabeth Moga

2018-2019 ASB OFFICERS: President, Tiffany Najjar; Vice President, Jordan Lavezzari; Secretary, Madison Darrow; Treasurer, Candice Le Franc; Secretary of School Spirit, Teryn McDonald; Social Chairperson, Shantelle Megan Serafin

The Roles of the ASB 

  • President

    • Represent the school at any public function or interschool event. 

    • Represent the school’s goals as a catholic school. 

    • Call to order and preside at all meetings of the Associated Student Body, Student council and Executive council. 

    • Appoint student committees. 

    • Vote, only in case of a tie in student Council meetings. 

    • Be otherwise responsible to the student body and carry out all other duties which may occur pertaining to that office. 

  • Vice-President

    • Fulfill the duties of the president in the president’s absence and advance the presidency should the office become vacant during the school year. 

    • Act as the coordinator of all religious activities which are sponsored by the student council. 

    • Prepare prayer for daily use and special events.

    • Coordinate the calendar for club activities and events. 

    • Work with Social Chairperson in preparation of the calendar. 

    • Carry out all other duties delegated to that office by the President of the ASB. 

  • Secretary

    • Handle all student correspondence. 

    • Have charge of all student body papers not definitely under the charge of their officers. 

    • Keep a permanent record of all student body and Student Council proceedings. 

    • Take and keep an accurate role of all members attending student council meetings. 

    • Make copies of all meetings from student council meetings. 

    • Post on the ASB bulletin board an agenda of all meetings. 

    • Coordinate lists for uniforms, etc., as needed. 

  • Treasurer

    • Handle all financial affairs of the student body and to act as official bookkeeper. 

    • Assist the secretary and other officers in such ways and means deemed useful by said officer. 

    • Assist class and club treasurers in their duties. 

  • Social Chairperson

    • Act as coordinator of all social functions pertaining to the student body. 

    • Act as publicity chairperson for all activities planned by the student body. 

    • Work with the vice-president in the preparation of the school calendar. 

  • Secretary of School Spirit

    • Assist the Social Chairperson in publicizing activities planned by the student body. 

    • Organize all school spirit promoting rallies.

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