Admissions Process

Admissions Process

Application - Eighth Graders

  • Fill out application completely.

  • Parent/guardian must sign application.

  • $75.00 non-refundable application/test fee before January 11, 2018. Make checks payable to St. Lucy's High School. After January 11, application fee is $90.00.

Entrance Exam for Eighth Graders

  • High School Placement Test (HSPT) is required of all applicants to the 9th grade.

  • An email will be sent to you confirming the receipt of your application and the date of the HSPT.

    Primary test date is Saturday, January 20, 2018 at St. Lucy’s
    Make-up test date is Saturday, January 27, 2018 at St. Lucy’s

Request for Student Records

  • Complete the Request for Student Records Form and return it with the completed application.

  • St. Lucy's will request transcripts for 6th, 7th and first semester of 8th grade. High school transcripts will be requested for transfer students.


  • Selection for freshmen is based on the student's:

    • Academic record

    • HSPT scores

    • School recommendations

    • Successful completion of eighth grade with acceptable grades and conduct.

  • Once all the necessary information has been received, the Admissions Review Board will review your application and notify you by letter and email of their decision in early March, 2018. Attendance at a Registration session, required forms, and payment of registration are part of the Admission process.

Transfer Students

Transfer students applying for their sophomore or junior year must send current transcripts, have a minimum grade of “B” in academic classes and a minimum of a “C” or better in all other classes. Acceptance of transfer students depends on present enrollment and available openings.

Steps to Apply as a Transfer:

  • Fill out application completely
  • Submit at least one letter of recommendation from a current teacher
  • Parent/Guardian must sign application
  • $75.00 non-refundable application fee (Make checks payable to St. Lucy’s High School
  • Fill out Request for Student Records (St. Lucy’s will request student’s official records)
  • Schedule an interview with administration

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