November 6, 2018

Abba, remember when we were children and our children were little, we would play a silly game called Red Rover, Red Rover. Let someone come over. You saw us create two lines, and then the chosen one would try to break the line of the other team. Help us to imagine a line creating a circle by Moms in Prayer around St. Lucy’s and in that circle of intentionally praying moms we create a hedge of protection for our children, their peers, their friends, their teachers, their administration, their support systems. Although the dark one is striving to lie, steal, and destroy our prayers to you on their behalf, please keep them safe.

As a nation we must confess our wicked ways, we must humble ourselves, we must seek your face, and you will hear from heaven, you will heal our land. With the Holy Spirit inside us, use us to be the source of healing in our nation, let us begin by keeping this campus safe.

Your daughter, Gail

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