St. Lucy’s Priory iPad 1:1 Program

Dear Parents,

Our school’s mission statement guides us in all that we do at St. Lucy’s. It calls on us to provide our young women with an education that enables them “to think critically and communicate effectively in order to positively impact society in the 21st century.”

St. Lucy’s is very excited to announce the introduction of the 1:1 iPad Program beginning in the 2017-2018 school year, where each student will use a school-issued iPad as part of our school’s educational program. We strongly believe, as confirmed through our research, that the iPad is the best device for our educational setting. St. Lucy’s 1:1 iPad Program will prepare our young women with the skills and tools for their university experiences and for their future careers.

This year, our teachers are learning to integrate these devices into their lesson plans in preparation for next year’s launch. Additionally, we increased bandwidth and made significant improvements to our server and wireless network to handle the increased traffic.

This technology is an investment in your daughter’s future. As in any process that involves change, we know that there will be unanticipated hurdles to overcome, but are committed to offering the support that is needed for this program’s success. We are also blessed to have a faculty who are ready and willing to embrace this technology and see it as an avenue to advance student learning.

To help with any questions you may have regarding the iPad 1:1 Program, we’ve developed a “Frequently Asked Questions” document available at the link below. We will also provide additional details in the months to come and welcome any questions and/or concerns you may have.

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