School Personnel

School Personnel

Adequate staff organization in the secondary school can greatly facilitate the progress of the educational program. The administrative staff exists to ensure that instruction, the philosophy and other aspects of the total program proceed efficiently.


The Prioress of St. Lucy’s Benedictine Community acts as ex-officio head of the school and has final approval in matters of policy.

The Principal, appointed by the Prioress, is directly responsible for the administration of the school program according to state law as it applies to private schools, Archdiocesan directives in the teaching of religion, the school’s philosophy, and student needs.

The Assistant Principal is appointed by the Principal with the approval of the Prioress and has general responsibility for the school in the absence of the Principal. The Assistant Principal functions as the general supervisor of academics and student conduct and also chairs the Disciplinary Board.

The Athletic Director, Director of Student Activities and Dean of Curriculum also assist in the administration of specific aspects of the school.

The Athletic Director coordinates and supervises the athletic program and coaches in all areas of competition in which the school participates.

The Director of Student Activities serves as A.S.B. Moderator and coordinates all student functions and activities.

The Dean of Curriculum heads the Curriculum Committee, assists with curriculum issues and the supervision of teachers.


The classroom teacher is professionally prepared and qualified to instruct in the areas that he or she teaches. The teacher is a person who possesses attitudes and values that help create the environment in which religious faith is nurtured. The teacher shows deep concern for the human needs of the students and their growth as persons. The teacher has an overall knowledge of the goals of the entire school program and can relate specific objectives to these goals.

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